Pavilion Spyros

This holiday villa, on the west coast of mainland Greece, is intended to eventually become the owner’s retirement home. It’s located high on a cliff, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.


Closely hugging the rocky site, the house is composed of three elements – the main house, terrace and guest house. The materials are stone, concrete and glass.


The site’s casual layout contains simply ordered spaces, composed with concrete columns and stone walls. Following local tradition, the loadbearing dressed stone is left bare.


The interior is simple and open, wrapped with the expansive view. The rustic stone walls contrast with sandblasted concrete and honed stone floors.


As can be seen in the sections above, there’s a deep overhang along the house’s western edge. Made possible by the reinforced concrete construction, it controls the hot afternoon sun while maintaining the view.


The main elevation shows Pavilion Spyros’ simple elements, understated and tailored to the site.

This house, not yet constructed, is an independent commission. I created the design, and made all drawings and renderings.