Michael Dant Architect LLC is the architectural practice of Michael Dant, AIA. I’m a Portland, Oregon-based architect who loves collaboration – with communities, engineers, contractors and consultants, and especially with owners and occupants. I’m a passionate designer who believes that my work is enhanced when I’m actively engaged with the people who will live with it. While design on paper is fun, it’s the built environment that really interests me.

Michael Dant mda

I’m an architect with twenty years of experience doing commercial, residential, education and corporate projects. I’m equally happy doing new construction, renovation, remodeling and additions. I’m especially adept at working with existing structures, which I believe to be a great way to conserve all kinds of resources.

When you work with me, you’re getting an architect who cares about you and your project. Unlike many larger architectural firms, there are no layers of  management hierarchy in my firm, and no design agendas; just a committed professional with a real interest in my client’s needs, wants and ideas. I think we both win when our interaction results in a work of architecture that neither of us could have done on our own.